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Does a winning smile mean success at work?

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Unattractive smile can impact success at work
Important when judging attractiveness of others
Amanda Wawryk Mar 08, 2011 07:38:28 AM

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Does a winning smile mean success at work?  The second annual Crest and Oral-B Great Canadian Smile Survey finds most of us believe a less than attractive smile can be a barrier to professional success.

About 75 per cent of Canadians think poor oral hygiene can have negative impacts on their careers and about five per cent say they've experienced personal discrimination at work because of their grin.
What about our personal lives?  The survey finds a smile reigns supreme when we judge the attractiveness of others.

And as for oral hygiene habits, 84 per cent of Canadians rate their own overall oral health as "good," but only 68 per cent say the same for our nation as a whole.